By this time it should have been clear to you that the advertiser is the puppeteer in the puppet show that is advertising. The entire business starts with the advertiser.

The rise and fall of advertising business depends solely on the expenditure incurred by the advertiser. It is the advertiser that maintains the total complex of services and organizations that constitute the advertising business. The expenditure on advertising is a measure of the growth of the economy and the nature and direction of that growth. This is because the advertiser is the sole buyer of advertising and the content of advertising is an expression of the basic character of the economy.

Which section of the population does advertising speak to?

What message does advertising carry? Answers to these questions provide a picture of the state of the economy and its basic character. For instance, it is obvious, from the advertising that we are exposed to every day, that India is fast moving towards a consumer society. The major advertisers are the manufacturers of consumer products, particularly consumer durables and elitist consumer services.

From the audio-visual impact that advertising creates in India today, it is evident that the advertiser is the big manufacturer or the multinational corporation. It is true that they are the largest spenders, but the buyers of advertising are numerous and diverse. Not all of them use the services of advertising agencies, nor do all use the wide range of media available. Buyers of advertising extend from the individual to the massive conglomerate of a wide range of industries and services with production facilities and markets dispersed in different continents.

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