SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is marketing using a mobile phone. SMS stands for short message server, otherwise known as text messaging. In short SMS marketing is done using a mobile device to transfer marketing communication to interested consumers. It's an area that is gaining a great deal of interest by businesses both small and large. Which of course is understandable, considering that 70% of the world population now have a mobile phone.
SMS marketing services typically run off a short code, but sending text messages to an email address is another methodology (though this method is not supported by the carriers). Short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers that have been assigned by all the mobile operators in a given country for the use of brand campaign and other consumer services.
One of the first groups of companies to make use of SMS marketing were the cellular service providers themselves. These companies had a natural customer base and already had every customer's cell phone number.
SMS has brought businesses success through both short-term campaigns (that push specific keywords in exchange for time-sensitive discounts and promotions) and long-term campaigns (that attempt to increase brand recognition and build customer loyalty). But SMS cannot work if your keyword is not advertised and promoted; the more widely the keyword is seen, the higher the opt-in rate will be. Businesses that successfully use direct mail to find potential customers can combine the power of both methods by adding to their letter or postcard the website address and SMS shortcode.